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Steel Price Comparison and Optimization

Steel search and price comparison is here! If you buy or sell steel, read on!

Welcome to the brand new search and compare application completely dedicated to the steel industry. Anyone with steel for sale should upload their stock list and start getting enquiries, buyers can search within a specified radius and even upload their cutting lists for optimizing based on stock available within a radius or at a specific supplier. Anyone with steel stock for sale should contact us immediately. We will set up your account and assist with uploading stock if necessary. Please note that the system is entirely FREE at the moment but charges for listing stock will apply when we have reached 50000 stock items for sale, PLEASE CHECK BACK FOR UPDATES, more features and details are coming online everyday!

If you are a steel buyer: once registered you are able to upload your cutting lists on to our system then we will optimize the material you require to the stock available in your area, at your favourite supplier or nationally. Once we have established the best stock lengths to cover your demand we then find the stock at the best price for you and send your enquiry automatically to the seller or sellers. Buyers may access their project control panel to manage cutting lists. You can also set your saw width and upto 3 preferred suppliers.

example order image: example-order.png
date: 2012-07-17
alt tag: example order
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The sample cutting list shown on the right shows demand for 203 universal beams of various lengths and quantities, the item marks must be unique and are preserved for your cutting diagram. We will allocate marks if your material list doesn't contain any. Also note that the sample demand for universal beams contains items with bevelled ends, This is accounted for when selecting the best stock lengths.

cutting pattern example image: get_pattern_image.php.gif
author: steelcompare
title: cutting pattern
date: 2012-07-16
alt tag: cutting pattern example
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The sample cutting diagram on the left indicates the most economical stock lengths available for the sample order shown above, you can see that 17 bars @ 18m and 7 bars @ 15.3m are the best lengths available for this order (based on the search radius or supplier selected). Enquiries for this material can be sent to the selected supplier(s) using your project control panel. All enquiries and cutting diagrams are saved for future reference.

If you sell steel either as a stockholder or an individual with as little as one bar to sell: Sellers are allocated a control panel from which you can manage your available stock. Every item of stock recieves a unique reference and can be accompanied by photos or PDF supporting documents such as specifications or mill certificates. Each serial size is given a dedicated page and is fully optimized for the search engines giving maximum exposure to the internet helping customers to locate your stock immediately. Photos and documents are also available to potential customers on this page. Your control panel may also be used to manage or delete stock. Bulk stock lists can be uploaded using our bulk uploader, at the moment CSV files are the only format accepted but we hope to add further file formats on request. Each section must be correctly identified by our database, to do this we will validate your entry and if we locate a mis-match we will suggest an alternative section that matches our data, this ensures that when a buyer is searching only validated sections appear in the results. It is not compulsory to add the price of each section listed, Sections without prices WILL be included in the search results but priced items will appear ordered by lowest price first.

At the heart of our system is a superb linear programming optimizer which tracks down the very best stock lengths to match your cutting list, the match can be extended to any search radius from your project's postcode. We also provide a full cutting drawing for each project with each section, grade and length fully detailed, you can have as many different sections as you like in a cutting list.

The optimizer can also deal with any bevels at either end of any piece.

Anyone can open a seller account.
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